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twitch streamer / avid gamer / community oriented

Hey! Welcome to my website, I'm a broadcaster on twitch that enjoys playing a variety of games. I currently play a lot of Battle Royale games and survival games like Fortnite or Escape From Tarkov. My channel is focused on being inclusive, warmly welcoming new viewers and being all around community oriented.


The livestream is the heart of our community, I get to interact with you guys (the viewers) on a daily basis while we talk about random things, from how our day went, to the newest video game release.

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There are many ways to get connected with me and the community. The two recommended ways to keep in touch are Discord and Twitter.

Watch Some Highlights From The Channel

Get a taste of some of the best content straight from the channel, I like to collect clips and create weekly highlight videos for the community. It allows us to reflect on some of the fun times we've had.

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